Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing Reviews

This is a shameless plug. The last few days, I've been busy reviewing some E-books and We-ebooks. To read them, visit one of my other blogs at: or

I'm taking advantage of free or cheap resources to sharpen my skills. Real writers are those who don't let their lacks keep them from learning how to be better writers. I'm an aspiring real writer. I want to do whatever I can to hone the writing craft.

What are you doing to improve your writing ability. Share with me, please, any tips and ideas that will help other writers on this pubishing journey!

Thanks and have a great day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Market Opportunities

I am so up to my ears in the waters of writing and I'm lovin' every minute of it. Hopefully one or two of those market ideas or challenges will be the golden opportunity to catapult a writing career into success.
Right now, I'm working on short stories for contests, two greeting card ideas, a children's story, weekly writing challenges and a monthly column. I don't know where this ride will take me, but I feel like a child in a theme park waiting in line to try ride after ride if for nothing but thrill of it all!
I'm thinking about shutting down my other blogs in order to focus more on my professional writing but I'm not sure if I can break my addiction to using blogger as a personal journal and telling all my daily faux pas and dirty landry. Time will tell.
Regardless, I'm happy to be living in a dream place (Florida and near the water) while doing my dream job (free-lance writing). I believe that, in time, I will be making my dream paycheck as well. Until that day comes, I will keep writing my little fingers off-in part because I just can't help myself and in part because I know that those who aim at a target will hit something most of the time and may even hit the bulls-eye some of the time; whereas, those who aim at nothing will hit it every time.
Well, it's late and "That's all she wrote, folks"!