Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Big Blue Screen of Death

That's right. My laptop died. The ancient computer I was using after that crashed too and we had to do recovery work on it. This has made being online for long difficult. The laptop, however, (my baby) has bit the dust. We are searching for the correct recovery disk but the outlook is not promising. It appears I will have to make weekly trips to use the library computer if this old PC doesn't keep up with me. We shall see--and some of my books will have to be re-written. Of course, I save in several formats often but this time, I had not gotten that far. I had tons of research on various subjects stored in my laptop. I should have learned from the crash I had two years ago where I lost most of a book. Well, there's nothing like a fresh start. God-incidentally, I watched a great Netflix movie this weekend called, "The Ultimate Gift". The concept related to losing the familiar to gain better, yet unfamiliar things. The timing of this was incredible. So I'm all ears to this.

Meanwhile, I'm rekindling some old loves and resting from some of my old obsessions. I've discovered a few things during this process. I will soon share them but for now, I simply write to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving (belated) and a blessed first week in December.
Pray for me to be able to fix or replace my laptop soon. I need it for several projects and writing commitments. For now, I will work on Plan B. Stay tuned for an update in a week or sooner. Thanks. See ya soon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rather Be Writing Reviews JoJo Tabares' "Language of Leadership" Course

As you may well know, I am a friend and an avid fan of JoJo Tabares and her Blog Talk Radio Shows. In fact, I’ve been known to take my laptop with me to some strange places just to make sure I could hear her show or read articles from her Art of Eloquence blog and website.

After a mutual friend introduced us, I joined a yahoo group that was hers at the time-- Homeschooling With Humor. During this time, I participated in some contests. This gave me the opportunity to view samples of her books such as: Say What You Mean for Kids, FIMMology101-The Study of the Humorous Sins of Our Mouth and samples from her online articles. Later, after I became a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I read another one of her ebooks, Play What You Mean, the Playbook as recommended by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (a publication with which I contract to write product reviews on my Leaders in Learning Blog). In addition, I read articles by her that were published in TOS magazine.

Over time, I came to believe that JoJo is the #1 Communication Guru for business, Christian apologetics, homeschooling, education, public speaking, career advancement and many more avenues of daily communication. Her products are highly educational and a great bargain. She is very generous. In fact, she has given away many things during the years of her ministry. Additionally, her materials are very affordable. Right now, she has a contest going on that offers readers a chance to win a bundle of products worth $350, including a number of her own courses.

I recently received an opportunity to review her newest online AOE University course called, Say What You Mean, The Language of Leadership. This is a 51 page ebook (that I printed) with 18 lessons on the topic of Leadership. Each lesson begins with a Bible verse and ends with a homework assignment and a link to one of JoJo’s online articles.

Topics covered are: the definition of leadership--what it is and is not, the importance of communication skills for leaders, how to present yourself for success, a leader’s body language, using leadership words, how to deal with a confidence deficiency, direct sales leadership, accuracy, influencing others, leading your children, “How to Unbossy Yourself” and so much more!

The course contains resources for leaders in business but also many tips for youth leaders, church workers, homeschool leaders and aspiring leaders of all kinds. You will find other leadership gurus out there but JoJo’s books come from the communication aspect, which is very important if you understand its relevance to success in any area of life.

I appreciate the factor that her courses reference moral truths. Every page contains leadership skills that are necessary detailing how a lack of them can cause the downfall of both the leader and his or her followers. Relatable Bible characters or instruction from the Bible are used to demonstrate this, as well as historical figures and fictional characters.

Interwoven with that are wise advice and helpful hints for communication in leadership. I especially recommend the clickable links to her Communication Assessment Quiz and What’s Your Communication Personality? My favorite chapters in the ebook are “Chapter 7, Them’s Powerful Leadership Words” and “Chapter 11, How to Communicate Confidently Even When You’re Not.”

In addition, there is an accompanying audio course that links to the Art of Eloquence Online University. When you take the online course, you will receive a secret link to the weekly audio podcast that complements the ebook lessons. You don’t have to have the ebook to take the online course but they do work nicely together. New broadcasts open every Monday with a use-on-demand availability. This means you can take this course during the day or when your children are sleeping-whatever fits your schedule.

JoJo’s friendly and entertaining approach is unlike any other online course I’ve ever taken !

Using humor and an authoritative but approachable style, she shares tips and expounds on leadership.

Both the online and written course are excellent resources for learning communication skills needed in leadership. I recommend them to people who think they don’t have leadership skills or are afraid to use the skills they already possess and I feel these courses could be even more important for people who think they have mastered the topic but feel like they getting nowhere with their business or other endeavor.

After taking this course, you will have learned many tricks to boost your confidence and expertise in leadership. You will have learned to how to be a leader that people want to follow.

The ebook costs $24.95 for individuals and families. Even better, sign up for the online course and receive both the ebook and the audio classes to take better advantage of learning about Leadership. There is NO shipping and handling charge since your course is delivered via the web and email.

You may also join the online university to have unlimited access to this and other online courses. What a bargain to join her university at $29.95! Then you pay one flat fee per class title and you can attend for as long as you desire to take classes. The cost covers everyone in your household and more classes are being added ALL the time.
Contrary to popular opinion, communication is not only a skill used to give a speech. It is vital to every type of daily interaction whether it be in business or your daily life. Writers, this is also important to you. Writing is not only about writing. It's about communication and even after you have written your famous manuscript, you will continue to need communication skills to promote your work. Great leaders are great communicators...So learn how to communicate better through this and any of JoJo's courses.

To view samples and read all her awesome articles, visit this link:

Don't forget to buy a copy of Language of Leadership for your teen, family member, friend or anyone else who wants to learn leadership skills.

While you’re there, feel free to load your cart with some great items and then read how you can enter to win a prize bundle worth $350.00. You only have until the end of the year to enter, so hurry on over to Art of Eloquence now!

This is not a TOS review, but the eproducts of Art of Eloquence are endorsed by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and many of JoJo's customers and in my book, AOE receives a Two Thumbs up rating.

To learn more about what AOE offers, visit:

To hear her weekly podcasts, click on the TalkShoe link in the sidebar of my blogs. Thank you for reading my review of JoJo's Language of Leadership Course.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writer's Wishlist

When I was a child, my parents asked all the children in our family to make Christmas lists.
We passed around our papers so that everyone knew what to get or make for each other. We tried not to ask for outlandish things since we knew that with involvement in the family ministry, finances were not plentious (Back then, ministry meant sacrifice not the glamour of Armani and diamonds, like some in modern ministry seem to think).
Although the wishlist idea sounds self-centered, our family already had a practice of giving to the community in abundance even when we had little ourselves.
Making a wishlist was a valuable lesson in assessing wants vs. needs and in honoring the needs and wishes of others.
The practice has stuck with me. Every year, I follow the family tradition and ask the people in my present day family to make their own wishlists. It sure makes shopping a little easier for me, too!
It wasn't difficult for me to get into wish-listing. I'm a list-maker by nature anyway. I love analyzing and keeping track of things.
New Years is another time to employ this principle. I make an annual list of resolutions to change old behaviors and to start new ones.
Periodic introspection and needs-analysis are beneficial because they keep us honest with ourselves.
As I approach the end of the year, I find myself going to that listmaking mode and crossing of the goals I've completed for the year as well as setting new goals as a writer. This includes a wishlist of tools that I think I need to continue as a writer. I never know how I'm going to accomplish or acquire them but I ask God in faith and trust that He will provide exactly what I need. Sometimes He gives me the desires of my heart in an ownership capacity and other times He provides the opportunity to borrow or share. It's a great lesson in faith and spiritual warfare, too. (By the way, God tells us we have not because we ask not or we ask amiss.
Prayer is a fantastic way to check the priorities of your wish list items and to see God work miracles on behalf of your obvious and seemingly hopeless lack.)
No warrior goes to war without preparing his armor and weapons of warfare. Neither does a writer jump out there without preparation and education. He or she also needs proper instruments with which to write and be published. He needs a battle plan and a map telling him where to submit and with what directions.
What tools do you need as a writer to make it on the Christian and /or secular markets? Here are some things I recommend putting on your wishlist (most are on mine; several I already have access to):
Sally Stuart's Christian Writers Market Guide
Writer's Market Guide for: poets, novelists, short story writers, songwriters, children's writers and illustrators, photographers, screen and playwrights, agents and everything you could ever want to learn as a writer or artist.
The Writer Magazine
Magazines, newspapers and books in genres which you want to become published.
What is on your writer's wishlist? Did I miss anything?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Write Sa Lot

This is a goofball post but I had to write about it. You see, as my son says about me, "She Writes Alot". Why? Because I write about anything and everything--even stuff that no one else would care about. Sometimes, I share it with my blog readers. Sometimes I don't.

What do writers write about anyway? The answer is "Write what you know."

If my family and I embark on a great adventure, the story ends up racing across my computer screen. If I'm present when the sun ducks behind a cotton candy swirl, I'm inspired and a poem ensues. When the sun peeks out again and glistens a kaleidoscope of colors in prisms on the wall or on the nearby lake, somehow it makes it's way also into a rainbow of words on my page.

Then there are the less glamorous subjects--like the daily grind of life. I write it down. I will probably also write about a new venture in becoming a health and wellness consultant. If I do, it will be on my Leaders In Learning blog and you may hear all kinds of useful facts that you never thought about -lucky you (tongue in cheek).

For me writing is a catharsis but for you, it's a pretty raw look at my thinking, too, so only the brave may venture onto my blogs. I'm not good at poker faces in person or in writing. It all comes out.

There are different reasons for writing. We all have them. We write for therapy or to express a valuable opinion. We write to persuade or entertain. We write to build a career or to build a following of readers with which to fellowship. We write just to write because it's fun and energizing. We write about everything.

Writers write because they love to. A few make money doing so. Some day, I hope to make the big bucks with this favorite occupation of mine but for now, I will make money as the opportunities arise and I will simply enjoy writing and share a laugh or two when I find one. Like this government page that told what average and lowest paid writers earn yearly. I laughed my head off at it. Let me know what you think. See also if you find any redunancy in this article. It's something I'm really good at. Maybe the government will pay me to write something like this for their site.

At least I have something to look forward to. Until then, happy tales to you until we write again.

Monday, November 2, 2009


More discouraging news came to me this month. One of the writer's groups I belong to is dissolving and another one is now meeting at a time that is more difficult for me to attend. How will I write without the encouragement and accountability of a group? With homeschooling one child and waiting at the bus stop morning and afternoon for the other, I find myself scrambling to figure out how to find time to write what is in my heart to write. Actually, if I could find the money to write, I would be relieved. I am in the job hunting process right now. I'm already busy. If I find a job, how will I find time to write? But then...

I ran into a lady who works for a local newspaper. We met at a Harvest Festival the other day and she encouraged me to take a leap of faith and look for another at-home writing job. The jobs I have done lately in the writing field have been re-reimbursed in products rather than money or have been done on a volunteer basis to help a cause. I don't mind giving of myself to others. This has been wonderful BUT I need to make money, too. It would be great if I could write and make money doing it! Writing is what I love to do and what I feel that I've been gifted to do. I know it takes time to make money. I will not give up but I can't hold out for the money I will make with writing later. I go. I'm going to take a chance.

Please pray for me that I will find just the right opportunity and that I will not give up hope through it all. I know many writers are struggling right now financially. So are a vast majority of people in other careers. I pray that we may not lose faith or hope through it all.

This reminds me of a song. Here it is. It's an oldie but goodie. It's called "Through It All." I hope it blesses you too.

Here's another great new one with a similar message.

No matter what, if you feel that writing is your calling or vocation, don't give up. Let's encourage each other along the way. Through it all, we can learn to trust God to bring us into our promised land.