Thursday, May 28, 2009

My New Writing Job

It's official. Late last night, I received an email announcing that my reviews passed the preliminary test and I made it on the TOS CrewMember list, which means, that I will become very busy for the next year reviewing curriculum, books and other various things from educational companies . To make it even more exciting, I will be able to use their products for free in my home school program for our children and perhaps even those in a CO-OP. (See my Leaders in Learning blog for info on TOS-The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.)
As I sit awaiting details on the rules and responsibilities, I am making a mental wish list so that when the guidelines arrive, I will have a head start in looking for my favored things.
Meanwhile, I finished my home school piece for the column in the Lake Family Magazine, considering what to write for various contest entries and writing a story on how I healed from Systemic Lupus. I'm hoping that a letter, which is being written for some friends with similar health symptoms as my former diagnosis, will be used to help other people who desire to be healthy and whole the natural way.
Soon, I may also work on a rebuttal article to an opinion piece, published in the Orlando Sentinel on Monday, that sent waves of outrage in the surrounding communities of home educators.
Last, but not least, I am working on my novel, Calling Him Lord, which I hope to have another chapter written in before next week.
At the library today, I signed myself up for "free college courses" by taking out several writing magazines on loan. There is a wealth of knowledge out there for free, if you take the time to find it.
All in the day of an aspiring writer, are writable, teachable moments that I will grasp with eager hands and clutch to my heart with deep admiration.

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Damaria Senne said...

Your new gig sounds very interesting. And you sound soooo excited about it. Congratulations!