Friday, September 4, 2009

Answers To Dr. Wordwielder's Wisdom Quiz

1. Floridians are fond of “yard (a. Sailing OR b. saling)”. B. Yard-SALING though technically it is yard sales not saling.
2. Under His Wings Womens Center held a vigil for domestic violence survivors; the gentleman brought a candle and attended because he: a. realized that actions speak louder than words OR B. wanted to add fuel to the fire. A. Actions speak louder than words. He certainly would not want to add fuel to the fire.
3. Abecedarian. Define it. Is it: A. one who uses an abacus to teach Mathematics OR B. a beginner or learner of the alphabet? B. An Abecedarian is one who is a beginner or learner of the alphabet.
4. Blogstruck. Being enamored with a topic about which one of your colleagues has posted via a weblog or social media device. Ms. JoJo, I liked your coined word. Thank you for playing.
5. The misspelled word was suppose to be "friend". One would shudder at the thought of having a fiend stick closer than a brother!
6. “When a medical professional starts poking and ribbing you, it is not a good idea to command ‘Cut it out, sir”—the accidental appendectomy patient. Saying cut it out to the doctor is not a wise idea if he is a pun person. One might also end up with a missing organ!

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JoJo Tabares said...

Thanks so much to Dr. Wordwielder and BeckyJoie for posting the answers. Glad you liked my "word".