Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dr. Wordwielder's Words of Wisdom

Dr. Word Wielder here. I trust that in my absence, you’ve all been brushing up on your grammar. Ms. BeckyJoie has been teaching her children about root words and prefixes. They seem to have adapted fairly well and are developing an affinity to stretching their vocabulary by using words that they have never heard of nor understood prior. In fact, I think one of them has decided that he shall take up a hobby of the same ilk that Ms. BeckyJoie has chosen for her career. He has begun writing stories and making up sentences using the words from his lessons. I do believe that he was found using a cardboard box turned tablet to do so because he wanted to pen the words quickly and illustrate them himself. Ms. BeckyJoie was estactic, to put it in the common vernacular. I too, congratulated her on the successful passing of the torch. With a bit of mentoring, the young chap might actually become skillful at the craft. Perhaps, someday, he shall develop a desire to pursue a career in communications and enroll in my university classes. But for now, I think that it is a good idea for him to engage in Writing Workshops and critique circles of his peers. Perhaps, I shall talk his mother into beginning a Workshop in the new umbrella school in which he partakes. I shall not have the time to teach him myself.

I’ve been busy from top to toe with preparations for the new semester at the university. My classes are at an abundance of attendees, which is excellent for the sake of our educational institution in this era of global financial crisis about which we hear ad infinitem. (Regardless of the financial situation, I assume that I shall fare fine with my collection of rare, antique books though I wouldst die a thousand deaths of starvation before parting with them).

Nevertheless, the flurry of life’s whirlwinds shall not prevail this evening as it has in the past week or so. I do believe Ms. Oakes has repaired her technical issues with people who cough too much (hackers). Now I shall deliver my weekly lesson. I would like you also to add a word on an area of English, Grammar or Writing about which you have questions. Then leave your answers in the box marked “comments” and I shall return later to grade them. Thank you so much for your faithful participation. I am delighted to have you in my correspondence class hosted via the Internet.

DIRECTIONS: I shall post one or more of these weekly. Sometimes I shall include them all. You will need to understand the rules and definitions.

1. Hectic or Helpful Homonyms. (Select the correct homonym. .They are hectic when used improperly and helpful when fitly used.)
2. Ideal or Idiotic Idioms. (One feels like an idiot unless he or she uses these idioms correctly.)
3. Wise or Wacky Words. (Sometimes I shall share a wise word for your use. At other times, it shall be a strange or wacky word that you, the readers shall help to define.)
4. Comical or Cute Coinage. (Step one. I share terms that I find cute or comical. Step two, you share a word that you find fitting in either category as well. We shall sharpen each other’s intellect.)
5. Spelling Slips. This shall include words that are commonly misspelled. You will need to select the correct one.
6. Pun Fun. I do relish a bit of dry, English or New Englandish humor. Puns are a way of life for some of Ms. BeckyJoie’s family as well. Here I shall share a pun and I would like you to share one also.

Are you prepared sufficiently to attempt the examination?
Learning Language is the sharpening stick for the scholar's sword.

Here are the questions. Remember to consult the rules above. Choose the correct answer and post to the blog. Each category is numbered and defined above.

1. Floridians are fond of “yard (a. Sailing OR b. saling)”.
2. Under His Wings Womens Center held a vigil for domestic violence survivors; the gentleman brought a candle and attended because he: a. realized that actions speak louder than words OR B. wanted to add fuel to the fire.
3. Abecedarian. Define it. Is it: A. one who uses an abacus to teach Mathematics OR B. a beginner or learner of the alphabet?
4. Blogstruck. Being enamored with a topic about which one of your colleagues has posted via a weblog or social media device.
5. What is this misspelled word suppose to be? “A Fiend is someone who sticks closer than a brother.”
6. “When a medical professional starts poking and ribbing you, it is not a good idea to command ‘Cut it out, sir”—the accidental appendectomy patient.

Well, it is time for me to retire for the night. I hope that you enjoyed yourself while taking my examination and that you were able to guess the correct answers. Re-read the rules, please, ladies and gentlemen, and then post your answers here and also on your own blog, giving a link back to my grammar lesson. Once, again, I think Ms. BeckyJoie for allowing me to have time and space on her webpage. Until next time, my companions….
Dr. Wordwielder, signing off. Writers: take this to heart. Teachers, tell your students: Use wise words when working and writing this week. Wield them well and wisdom will walk with you.


JoJo Tabares said...

1. b. saling
2. a. realized that actions speak louder than words
3. Ooh dunno. A?
4. blogology: the study of blogs you like!
5. Friend
6. I'd be taller but I'm afraid of heights. (Does that count?)

AmberInGlass said...

Hey Becky, I know you haven't heard from me for awhile, I've had a pretty crazy month, but I wanted to let you know that I nominated you and your blog for a reward. You can read about it here!