Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kind Kids

A little over two years ago, I was a co-writer on a Kind Kids Curriculum written for children in daycares and preschools from Birth to Age Five, preposed to pilot in Lake County schools and/or VPK. The program is extensive and includes parenting help for teenage or young mom's in how to nurture and teach kindness to their children as well as opportunities for people in the community to encourage acts of kindness in society in general. It will include puppetry, cartoons, games, stories, songs and more. It's still in the development stage as it was put on hold due to funding issues.
This week, I received an email informing me that the project is back on the front burner as we are working on the filming of videos for corporate funding of the pilot. At this time, we are looking for local families with three year olds who would like to be filmed as part of this volunteer effort to create a kindness curriculum that will help combat the violence and apathy of today's society and turn the hearts of parents toward their children.
The organization with which I work that is founding this program is Kindness Works International. http://www.kindnessworksinternational.org/ My initial involvement with this project was in co-creating characters, skits, and games to help promote kindness. I also wrote and recorded a song that was filmed for an introductory video. Feeble, mind you, but original, LOL. I have not been super-involved with the project over the last few months but I do know of the original intent. If it has stayed true to it's original track, then I support the cause-whole heartedly and expect to be involved again soon with more curriculum writing. It's very exciting.
Although KWI is a secular organization, there are many people of faith working cooperatively with them to promote the traditional values to future generations through this curriculum and other ventures, such as college scholarships they handed out based on Kind Acts and more. A spokesman for the organization is contemporary Christian singer named, Norman Lee. You can view one of his KWI videos and listen to his music here.
Another wonderful participant in KWI is my friend, the very kind-hearted painter/photographer, http://www.myronleggett.com/ About two and a half years ago, he painted a portrait of Rachel Scott (Columbine victim) for her mother and helped KWI launch it's One Act of Kindness project. His actions did cause a giant ripple and we were touched by it's reaches.
It was through his project that our middle son was brought to our attention as a young person who needed an adoptive family. To sum it up, one act of kindness led to another which led to another and here we are with two teen boys we didn't know we were going to adopt. That happened after I became involved with the curriculum-writing end of things. It was a beautiful story. While writing the scope and sequence for the courses, my son's public school teacher, a Christian who had been praying for God to bring her student a family, came in to the room and the shop owner where we were meeting asked her opinion of the curriculum. Then she told us about this boy who needed a family. She described him and I began bawling. I knew she was describing my future son. My husband and I had prayed for specific things and God answered by dropping in our laps this boy with his list matching our prayer list. Wow. When we finally saw a picture of him, we saw our other son as well and began praying about him. We adopted the first child by himself and then a while later, after months of prayer, we adopted the second son-not related. Now we have a house full. We have an opportunity to show kindness to those who've not known it much in their lives. It is our hope that our acts of kindness to them, spurred by the acts of kindness by which we found them, will also ripple into more kindness and love from them to others. And who knows how our adoption of them will affect those around us and them? Only God knows. Now you have a part of our story of how KWI touched our lives.
Meanwhile, if you are a local family who wishes to contribute to KWI through filming, donations or volunteer hours, please contact me via email at rjeremiah2911@embarqmail.com. Thanks. Help start a ripple in your life and that of others today.


BeckyJoie said...
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BeckyJoie said...

Blogger needs better editing capabilities for comments. LOL. I had to delete the whole thing to eliminate the one typo. LOL.

When I say "filming" I mean being an "actor" in the filming. No experience necessary. Three years old with family is the prime age for which we are looking.

Rich and JoJo Tabares said...

This is so exciting! Sounds like a fabulous project. Congratulations.

Damaria Senne said...

You write music too? I'm impressed. The project sounds very interesting.

BeckyJoie said...

Thank you. It's just a little guitar song for kids. I have a few more I've written. I'm not a pro but enjoyed doing it.