Monday, October 19, 2009

What Are the Words?

What are the words?
They won't seem to come.
All I can think of is ho-hum-drum.
I wish I could pen them but they run away.
What are the words that I could say today?

Okay, it's rather silly but you get the point. All of us get writer's block from time to time or we wish that we did so we didn't write something that ridiculous. Hey! Don't knock it. Dr. Seuss made a living from writing the likes of such nonsense!

My point? Christians and non-christian writers alike suffer from this ailment. How do you overcome this as a writer? Usually if I am unable to write, it is because I'm either too tired or too busy and can't slow down enough to formulate the words.

If that is the case, I take a break and do something fun (though I have to admit to being a little deficient in the fun-activity-finding category). After a brief enjoyable retreat I come back--relaxed enough to write.

If it is because I am too tired, then heaven help us! I am going to write something goofy. Some of my best writing has come when I had writer's block and just wrote whatever crazy thing came to mind. Other times, the product made a flight across the desk into the circular file.

Sometimes, spending a little extra time in prayer helps me bring to mind a spiritual truth or a new direction for my writing. I always ask the Lord to help me to write for Him. I figure that if I've done that and still have nothing to say, then I might be better off saying nothing at all.

Let's here some of your ideas. How do you cure writer's block?


Sandra Heska King said...

A shower. Thoughts flood when I'm in the shower with no way to capture them. I'm a very clean person. ;)

JoJo Tabares said...

Writing isn't like most other professions. It requires a great deal of inspiration. I often have writer's block but I don't usually need to write when I'm blocked. I usually write my blogs and articles and so forth ahead of time. I write all my blog posts for both my blogs the Friday or weekend prior. I'm in the zone and can get them out in no time. I keep a pen and paper near my bed, in my purse and near my computer for when inspiration hits. I am constantly supplied with ideas so that when I have a dry spell, I already have ideas or whole articles waiting in the wings.

Damaria Senne said...

Writer's block for me usually means I'm not interested in the project/subject or I don't know enough about it to formulate the words or I'm intimidated by the project because it's going to challenge my skills levels or life view or sense of comfort. Usually, I do a smuch research as I can, and then I just dive in and let the ride take me where it will. Usually I struggle at the beginning ( I wish I could write goofy), but once I find a rhythm I'm OK.