Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010, Cheerleaders-Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs

Every month, I aim to post a "cheerleader" to encourage Christian Writers in their publishing journeys. 

Today, I found a secular website that lists the "Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs".  I visited a few of the links already and thought  it a good site to pass on to my readers. 

I don't often run out of things to write about ; I run out of free time to write about them or information on where to submit them after I write them. Nevertheless,  all people get writer's block at times and a website so full of ideas from other writers might help to cure that. 

 On the TOP 100 Creative Writing Blogs, you will find writing challenges, contests, information on getting published and many miscellaneous writing pointers. It's great for beginning and intermediate writers, especially. There's a cute blog on apostrophe abuse. (Who'd a' thunk it?)

Some of my readers self-publish, write e-books or write for their churches. I've had a few things published in the non-fiction category (articles, poetry, songs, etc.) but one of my goals as a writer is to be published in many genres since I like to write about many things. I am sure that non-fiction writing is my niche but diversification is a good thing too and it never hurts to try. One never knows where he or she will strike gold. 

Meanwhile, I intend to continue to write and learn. A few months from now, my whacked out schedule will slow down to a reasonable pace and I will have more time to blog and write. I look forward to that day. This has been a very full season of my life. My season of rest is en route. When it arrives, I will write to my heart's content.

Meanwhile, I plan to keep working my craft (writing) and learning new skills.  I read many, many blogs. Some of them are about writing but many are about life in general.  One must live life to write about it. 

Despite that, it's my aim to read more blogs about writing. The above-mentioned website is a wonderful resource. Maybe you have  writing blogs that inspire you that are not mentioned on the above mentioned site or in my sidebar links. Check them out. I have some excellent writing websites and blog links.  Here's a link to one of my absolute all-time favorite websites/blogs.

What writing websites or blogs do you read on a frequent basis? What do you find helpful about them? What  tips would you, as a writer, give my readers about visiting writing blogs? How important do you think it is to writers?


JoJo Tabares said...

I read a great deal of blogs--different ones for different purposes. I love Rather Be Writing for your encouragement. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in my writing as writing can be very lonely work. I also love to read some political blogs, some homeschool blogs, etc. My friend Felice Gerwitz has a great blog and podcast for writers: Information in a Nutshell. And my friend Kim Kautzer has a great blog for homeschoolers who want to teach writing. It's called In Our Write Minds! I also love your other blog for homeschooling kids with special needs! I'm a blog junkie!

BeckyJoie said...

Thank you. Me, too, JoJo! I'm a blog junkie.

Terri Tiffany said...

UGH--my post didn't stay so here is the shortened version

agent sites like Rachelle Gardner and authors who just got contracted like Jody Hedlung. (sp)