Monday, November 10, 2008

From My New Robo-Maid

Okay, I know this is corny but I had to post it.

Do you ever just goof around with no purpose other than to vent? I wrote this when I was overwhelmed with trying to balance housekeeping with my other responsibility. I was dreaming of a robotic maid to do my chores. Enjoy!


Shoes spin like copters
I fly through the room
NO need for a Swiffer
A vacuum or broom.

Big wheels churn in motion
UP under my skirt;
A slick slurping motion
Sucks up all the dirt.

Meanwhile from above you
Lace patterns I weave
While sucking up cobwebs
In my disposable sleeve.
Dots dancing and twirling
Dust forms its design.
My mouth makes a circle
The size of a dime.

The swoosh sound of slurping
'til dust is all gone.
Silk Smoothers start spinning;
Roto wristpads swirl on.

I shine and I polish
I buff and I shine
I work with a promise
There be no Pledge slime.

The rooms now are spotless
They smell fresh and clean
For I am the Wonder
Whirl Cleaning machine.

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