Monday, January 12, 2009

Writing When You Have Nothing to Say

Every writer struggles occasionally with writer's block. I wish I could say I never did but that would turn into the greatest fiction I ever wrote.
I have discovered a few tricks to barging past the mental barracade.
1. When I have nothing of importance to say, I sit back and observe my environment. I pick an unusual object and try to describe it in detail and then I imagine an unusual use of the object. This has resulted in some pretty silly poetry or prose but nonetheless ignites creative flow.
2. I stop doing everything and listen to classical music. This often brings about a short power nap. Usually, I awaken with a fresh idea.
3. I search for ideas from photographs or clippings from newspapers and magazines. I try to think of unusual angles to take based on topics I see.
There are probably many more ways to cure writer's block. What do you do to stimulate creative flow when the well runs dry?

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Terri Tiffany said...

I do much like you do but I find most my ideas come when I first wake up--then I try thinking about what would I first tell someone if I haven't seen them in awhile and why...but we all have those very dry spells.
Write a story for Chicken soup on the current economic stuff we all are going through--they just updated the book and must be in by Feb. 28th--I'm giving it a shot!