Saturday, June 6, 2009

To the Editor Or Bust

I will write and you cut.
I do NOT like it but
'Tis conciseness, I know,
Is the way I must go.
So, please, snip and then clip,
Make it all look real "hip".
Line it up- make it fit
But do not hide my wit.
I've a voice--I do care.
No! Please. Don't change it there!
What I aim now to say
Can not be said that way.
But you shave and you nip
Faster than an old whip.
Firm it up, make it fine
Though I whine and I whine.
In the end, I concede,
It's in the Writer's Creed:
Fixes come from the pro's-
Only the editor knows
What looks best on a page,
What appeals, age to age,
What the publisher craves,
How he reads and then raves.
When the words, fit in form
Yield applause like a storm
From the readers abroad
Who will scan and then nod.
So I write, bite my nail,
Attach the piece to email
And I send it, I must
To the editor or bust!
After a little inspiration from the talk show hosts at Grace Talk Soup, who wrote their theme song in true Dr. Seuss Style, I decided to give it a try myself. I hope you had a chuckle out of reading this. (To listen to Grace Talk Soup, click on the badge at the end of my blog.)


JoJo Tabares said...

This is wonderful BeckyJoie!! You did a great job of capturing the fear we have giving our baby to the editor. I used to feel that way, but not anymore since I started using Carla. My own dh used to change my work into a different style but Carla does it beautifully without changing my style.

BeckyJoie said...

Thank you, JoJo! I agree about Carla being a good editor. She proved herself to me quite well in just a few minutes. This from someone who is moderately adept at editing/proof reading other's work. She showed me how hard it is for us to self-edit everything and do a good enough job. Mind if I borrow her when I get to the end of my books? LOL.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks for the beautiful poem. It encapsulates the writer's feelings so well.

BeckyJoie said...

You are welcome, Damaria. Thanks for visiting again. :>)

Terri Tiffany said...

I loved this!!! And how true!

Ray & Carla Ives said...

I'm here, ready and waiting, BeckyJoie! Thanks for the kudos. Great poem, too! I may just have to borrow that for my web site. . . with appropriate credit, of course!

BeckyJoie said...

Of course!Send me an email-Any edits needed? (Besides that blogger won't keep it separated into stanzas.)

Rebecca A Emrich said...

This si the best peom I've come acroos in a while. This is a great site, keep it up.

The fear of the editor is one thing that makes me stop, but it is also a good thing.

BeckyJoie said...

Thank you, Rebecca. Don't let that fear hold you back as I did for many years.I learned to love writing enough to walk past that fear. It still visits but I don't let it stop me. Thanks for visiting my blog.