Friday, July 24, 2009

Writing from a Bubble

You know those little bubbles that comic strip characters have popping up from their heads to describe their thoughts? Well, I feel like I'm caught in one this week. Every time, except for once, that I tried to write anything, I either had an interruption or a semi-tragic event occur. (Bread burning in the kitchen, spilled food or drink by the kids, a knock at the door by someone who needed me to come right away, a phone call, and numerous other things.)


I've tried to write about something but had too many thoughts that were taking different directions and


I had yesterday's calamity. Read about it here:

To quote a song, "so I'll let my words be few". Come back after I find my way out of the comic strip bubble. I will have something more intelligent to say.

Until then, maybe I could just be comic relief in the story of life.

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Rich and JoJo Tabares said...

You poor thing! I am praying. This sounds a bit familiar to me right now.

I don't have health insurance either and the other day my son had an "incident" that fortunately didn't require a dr. I am high on hormones right now myself so I'm a different type of loopey! And I have just had a few of life's curve balls that now require me to engage my brain but mostly pray for God's guidance. Will be posting on my blog about decisions later next week.