Saturday, August 8, 2009

Song Writing

My intention lately for weekend posts have been to bring info that is particularly helpful to Christian writers since this is a unique market that other writers are not drawn towards and there is not as much information about it available. This also is applicable because "Christian" runs through me like a deeply woven thread and I can't help myself sometimes. I try not to be too pushy because I don't desire that my blog become offensive, but my nature is my nature and I am a proclaimer of truth and faith. I also like to hear preaching so if I offend you, I'm sorry.

Last week, I posted the Greatest Interview for a Christian Writer (based on Peter's Interview with Jesus), not having seen the following video. How ironic that I should find a clip from one of my favorite worship songwriters this evening while looking for videos about writing for God.

It kind of packs a double whammy for me as one who grew up in the faith in a family that travelled performing on public stages with music, drama and puppetry. My brother is a singer/songwriter and seeing him take a journey of his own to Nashville recently, has stirred up long, lost desires to do something similar. This may not be the case for most writers, but for me, the musician and writer are somewhat interwoven. I've written and recorded two of my own songs while on a curriculum writing project for children. I've also sung on recordings with several groups in the past, either a solo or part of a group. I took classical voice but also sing a variety of musical styles. Deep in my heart, I've always loved worship music and have attempted to write some myself. So this next clip is a great find for me. I hope it is for you. Here is Phil Wickham on the topic of how he wrote the song, "Grace" taking inspiration from the Bible.

I know this affects me as a Christian writer in a way that means I will never be the same again.


JoJo Tabares said...

Many Christian authors and songwriters are inspired by the Word of God and those within its pages. I know that I am frequently inspired to write things after reading His Word.

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks for a very interesting video.