Friday, July 17, 2009

Answers to Dr. Wordwielder's Exam

Thank you to all who exercised your brains this past week in reading and taking my examination. I am certain that many of you did take the time to ascertain the answers but for some reason, you are recording your answers off the record. I'm sure you are anxious to compare your findings with the final answers so I, Dr. Word Wielder do hearby declare the following answers to be the verifiable and reliable answers:

1. Hectic or Helpful Homonyms. The Egyptians were ruled by a (farrow, pharaoh) who sat on a (thrown, throne) chair. The correct answers are pharaoh and throne. A farrow is a group of wild pigs and the word thrown is past tense for throw.
2. Ideal or Idiotic Idioms. The musician who won the national finals at the Gospel Music Association (A. forgot himself OR B. went off the deep end) when he heard his name announced over the public address system. Choose the correct idiom. The correct answer is went off the deep end. Though many think that the term may only apply to becoming angry rapidly, Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary assigns it also the following possible definitions: — go off the deep end
1: to enter recklessly on a course

2: to become very much excited

To forget oneself is to forget one's manners or training by belching, making rude noises or being loud and obnoxious. In children, it can also mean to wet one's britches. Though this might be the case for some contest and competition winners, the correct definition was not to forget oneself.

3. Wise or Wacky Words. Automaton. Is it: A. Automatic matching OR B. a robot or mechanical person? Select the proper definition. If you have chosen a robot or mechanical person, then you have made the wise selection. The term may also be applied to anything that moves on it's own.

4. Comical or Cute Coinage. Editoreyesis. When one's eyes insist on noticing grammatical errors almost everywhere his or her eyes look, making general reading more like an editing experience. People with this condition tend to be hardest on themselves. ( Your blog hostess possesses a severe case of this condition. ) Now it is your turn to coin a phrase or leave your copy of a coined phrase that you love hearing or using. Place your answer in the comment box at the bottom of this post.

Once again, I bid you audiue and anticipate with great joy, our future salutations and communications. Until next Wednesday in the wee hours of the night, Good Bye, my students and acquaintances. Be certain to read a dictionary page whilst await my return and send me your favorite idioms just for the stimulation of the mental capacities, which I crave like a bee craves pectin. Good night.

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JoJo Tabares said...

Thank you Dr. Word Wielder! I am so happy to have passed that quiz! As many of my readers know, I seem to have a difficult time operating technology. Before my internet business, I had to ask my son to turn the TV on! I have come a long way baby but I still have quite a long way to go before I would even consider my technological prowess as par with the general public. In discussing this issue with my blog readers and my podcast listeners, I have referred to myself as "Technologically Challenged" and "HTML Illiterate."