Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dr. Wordwielder's Word Smithing 101

Dr. Wordwielder: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is once again my priviledge to join you here at Rather Be Writing for my excellent excercises on which I elaborate in my courses at the Elite Educational Institute for English Acceleration (or EEIEA, pronounced "Ayuh"). But first, I must tell you that I've been browsing Ms. BeckyJoie's blogroll focused on finding fascinating fodder to feed my fancy for delightful dialect. I do declare with mesmirizing merriment that her marvelous mates measure up as magniloquent masterminds.So before I deliver my dissertation on communication, let me refer you to their weblogs. Do I have your permission, Ms. Oakes? I do? Of course, Why thank you, Maa'm. She is always such a gracious hostess. I shall leave you the links. However...
Please, do not forget, my friends, to return safely here to Rather Be Writing after your journey into the blogosphere. I have labored to attend to our weekly wordsmithing for Ms. Oakes, and despite the late hours I keep, she has accommodated my schedule because she is aware that the information which I share with you is vital ventilation of the verbiage you need to voraciously voice and value. So vacate this site ever so briefly and visit the following: You will find Ms. Tabares' post here: and the original post which sparked it here:
Now that you have had your cognitive quadrants quickened, you should have no qualms or queries about my quick quiz questions. The quandary can be quelled by calculating the qualifying answers and inserting them into a post in your que of blog entries. Then the readers shall reappear here to respond with a link to the web address wherein you have posted your response to these questions. Return again and read the Exam Explanations and Answers which I shall record on this page in a day or so.
1. Hectic or Helpful Homonyms. The Egyptians were ruled by a (farrow or pharaoh) who sat on a (thrown, throne) chair. Pick the correct homonym for the sentence to make sense.
2. Ideal or Idiotic Idioms. The musician who won the national finals at the Gospel Music Association (A. forgot himself OR B. went off the deep end) when he heard his name announced over the public address system. Choose the correct idiom.
3. Wise or Wacky Words. Automaton. Is it: A. Automatic matching OR B. a robot or mechanical person? Select the proper definition.
4. Comical or Cute Coinage. Editoreyesis. When one's eyes insist on noticing grammatical errors almost everywhere his or her eyes look, making general reading more like an editing experience. People with this condition tend to be hardest on themselves. ( Your blog hostess possesses a severe case of this condition. )
The time has come for me to retire for the evening and to say goodnight to your blog hostess. Ms. Oakes, thank you so much for the invitation to interact with your audience. I shan't take it for granted. May you have a word wise Wednesday and a winsome week as well.
BeckyJoie: Thank you, Dr. Wordwielder for coming as our weekly guest blogger. You're a great inspiration to me and I'm sure to our readers as well. Readers, please show your appreciation for the Dr.'s time and dedication to us by doing as he suggested and posting your answers to the Exam questions on your blog. Then come back and leave us a link to your answers. We'll post the correct answers some time in the next few days.
Until next time, Happy Writing and Wordsmithing!


JoJo Tabares said...

Thank you Dr. Word Wielder for your eloquent education. I'll need some time to ponder my post as I must take some time to contemplate and prepare for my podcast. But I'll be back momentarily to post a link in which I have addressed the issues you present here.

JoJo Tabares said...

Ok Dr. Word Wielder! I have my answers here:

I also posed the question to my readers and asked them to come on over here to find your answers. Surely you already know that I don't suffer from Editoreyesis, but I know several who do!

BeckyJoie said...

Thank you! We do know some who suffer with that ailment. LOL.