Sunday, July 5, 2009

Magazine Mush

I LOVE magazines. I write for the Lake Family Magazine but writers always wish to expand their audience. I'm dipping my feet in the water wherever I can these days.

I've said it before and I say it again, I love magazines. I read several: Reader's Digest, health magazines, Homeschool Enrichment, Homeschool Heartbeat, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, No Greater Joy, parenting, educational, devotional and various writing magazines as well as e-zines.

What is so great about reading magazines? They offer a quick, easy way to learn about a variety of things and also reveal the writers' unique personalities. When you have so many authors coming together in one place, there is bound to be some fascinating reading going on. To top those reasons, I believe that reading and writing are a never-ending circle.

I read many genres besides this, but magazines go with me everywhere. I usually have one or two kinds in my car or briefcase. I can read them anywhere when I have a free moment. I really don't know why I like them above other types of reading but I do and you might find me in corner of the Sunday School room reading one or in the parking lot after church or even in the waiting line at the grocery or doctor's office. I just love magazines-at least wholesome ones and those that contain helpful information.

I was talking to one magazine editor today and she informed me that I am about to become involved in the magazine in a much more significant way. I'm very excited and nervous. We will meet soon to discuss details. Pray for me. As my brother is fond of saying, "This is pivotal".

Meanwhile, I am reading copies and analyzing them to learn about the writing process and how the different styles fit each section. Bodie Thoene talks about this in her Writer to Writer book and so did the Writer's Digest course I began years ago. You can learn from just about any genre of writing if you read carefully, dissect and analyze. So, on my agenda for the week (after Monday), magazine reading and writing may take a higher priority. (Don't worry, I haven't given up the other writing. I have many irons in the fire.)

How about you? What magazines do you read? Do you like to write for magazines? Have you even tried it or considered it? It might be a good fit.

Give it a try. Google "Magazine markets" and see what you discover. I will do the same-though I have a list already in mind to market. Then we can compare notes.

Who knows? Maybe you will, like me, become all mush for magazines.


Rich and JoJo Tabares said...

I get TOS and TEACH Magazines. I have written for TOS and for Homeschoolng Today and Homeschool Enrichment and I think a few others. I also like blogs. I'm a blog junkie. Such great stuff out there. I also write my own blog but I write for TOS on their Company Porch and a few others.

BeckyJoie said...

Me, too, JoJo. Blogs are like magazines. I sometimes print the blog pages and take them with me to read if I'm too busy to sit at the computer on that rare occasion.

Terri Tiffany said...

you go Beckie! So excited to see the steps you are taking:) Can't wait to hear good news!

Damaria Senne said...

Good luck with the new opportunity coming up.

I get home design magazines like Ideal Home, 25 Beautiful Homes ( to help inspire me for my renovation projects), Brainstorm and iweek to take care of geeky bent, Afropolitan because a friend writes for it and it's a good idea to support friends, REAL magazine because I write contribute to it on a monthly basis.

I do occassionally write for magazines, but on a special project basis, not regularly.