Monday, July 27, 2009

Questions, Answers and Bloggy Referrals

Do you like having your mind stimulated by other writers and their ideas? I do. I think I fell in love with the concept of blog quizes and questions. I like the whole idea of memes too but I tweak them and make my own up too. (If you haven't noticed.)

Today's blogpost will take you to some other writers that I like to read. Some I have met and know, while others I've only met online or met recently. Nonetheless, these are some of the interesting sites that I frequent. I wanted to share them with you so that you can have your mind stirred as well.

A friend of mine who I love dearly and have been priviledged to get to know over the internet is a talented well-known author and speaker. Today, JoJo Tabares has posted on her blog a question about a photograph of an animal (amongst other thought provoking material). See if you can figure out what animal she has on a photograph. Note: I post her blog address often as we are such kindred spirits and I spend alot of time reading up on what she does best: communication.

Another blogger of whom I am a new acquaintence has written a quiz that will take some of you down memory lane. I like the name of his blog. It is "From The Book of the Wise and the Foolish". On his Facebook account, he posts alot of writings from his "RSVP to God". Ask him about it and sign up to follow his blog. (He needs some followers as he has interesting things to say.)

One personal friend and fellow writer from whom I gain a great deal of inspiration is the leader of Clermont Christian Writer's Group, a many times published author at Chicken Soup for the Soul is Terri Tiffany. She always posts great questions to get you thinking as well as sharing her down to earth tales of her life as an author.

Another new Facebook friend wrote a wonderful Psalm on her blog. It's the sort of thing that Leaders in Learning likes to post on Sundays. But Cindy Holman posts them at random which is a blessing to her readers. You can read her poems and other cute stories at:

Well enough of a goose chase. I love to write and I love my writing friends. I like to let them have the stage once in a while. They are inspirational to me.

Come back tomorrow as Dr. Word Wielder brings you his next message in an unusual way. I can't wait to see him soon and I'm sure you can't either. See you tomorrow night.

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Rich and JoJo Tabares said...

Awww... thanks so much BeckyJoie. What great links to search too!