Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Ultimate Interview for the Christian Writer

  • Scenario--Jesus and The Writer exchange some heavy dialogue.
  • Time- Between Midnight and 5 am Saturday morning.
  • Place- At the Laptop, after prayer and Bible Study.

    Jesus: Writer/Enterpreneur, do you care about Me more than these words?
    Writer: Ya, I like you. You know that.
    Jesus: Well, then, give my sheep some food.

    (Writer opens the online thesaurus and selects a few words. Nothing seems to fit the sentence in the manuscript. Writer tries again and a word pops out like an epiphany. It's so much fun to write. Writer never felt more fulfilled. Silence.)

    Jesus: Christian Author, do you care about me?
    Writer: (Deep breath). Of course, you already know that I care about you.

(Writer glances at the New Testament that was part of morning devotions and then back to the computer screen. Silence again.)

Jesus: So you love me, huh? Then, tend and look after my sheep.
Writer: Sigh.

(Another Twenty minutes have passed. The paper is filled with notes. The Word document has ten paragraphs written. Writer is excited about the ideas but puzzled at Jesus' words. A still, small voice intrudes on Writer's thoughts.)

Jesus: Word-whittler, do you love me?

Writer: Yes, Jesus. Can't you tell that I'm fond of you? Don't you know by now?

Jesus: If you love me, then take my sheep to graze on the food I want them to have.

(Writer bites the end of the pencil then drops it with a thud onto the desk. What does this all mean?)

Jesus: Disciple, follow me.


Rich and JoJo Tabares said...

Hmmm...So sometimes we are so concerned about the words and making an impact that we aren't careful to write what the Lord asks us to. That's kind of like what I was talking about on my show last week. I was so concerned with doing things that I wasn't searching for what He wanted me to do.

BeckyJoie said...

JoJo, I think this can apply to any Christian writer or business owner. We always need to seek His Will for our lives. This is based on a "conversation" I had with the Lord last week where I felt like He was asking me if I loved Him more than I loved writing.

Rebecca A Emrich said...

This is a very cute but enlightening littel romp through the mind of people.
We like to be in charge and this only proves it well.

Once again another great post.

BeckyJoie said...

Very true, Rebecca.

Damaria Senne said...

Very interesting interview.